EK Jwalamukhi Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Allu Arjun | Hansika Motwani | Desamuduru Telugu Movie

Bala Govindu (Allu Arjun) is a program director in Maa TV.One day he saves Raja Ravindra from goons which results in severly thrashing of Murugan (Subbaraju), son of a smuggler Tami Durai (Pradeep Rawat).As Bala has a threat from Tambi Durai his Maa Tv crew sends Bala to Kullu Manali to shoot a travel program instead of other team. There, Bala sees Vaishali (Hansika Motwani), who is a sannyasin and loves her at the first sight.Though Vaishali doesnt like bala in the begining however falls for him. Before they return to hyderabad Tambi durai's henchmen abduct her and take her to his home.The remaining story is about how Bala saved Vaishali from the clutches of Tambi Durai and marries her.